Outlander: Fraser’s Ridge floor plan

Published November 20, 2013 by Kat

I am hip-deep in the Outlander series and loving it. It probably isn’t fair, in the heat of the moment (in the middle of the sixth book) to say that this is the series I’ve been looking for my entire life… but right now I feel like I’ve been waiting to read these books. They’re long, dreamy, funny, touching, romantic and endlessly interesting. I did think that the third book was a weak link and almost gave up. I’m so glad I didn’t. Four and five and six have been one beautiful ever-shifting tromp through the Colonial wilderness, and I love it.

I have started a Pinboard here.

I’m also a lover of floor plans, so of course I’ve been thinking about the floor plan of the big house at Fraser’s Ridge. I’ve come up with a symmetrical, Colonial floor plan that encompasses all of the spaces mentioned in the books and none that aren’t. Here it is:



Since I finished these plans about 400 pages ago, I have been paying attention to descriptions of movement within the house, and found nothing to contradict my plan.

Having said that, I feel that there are missing spaces–spaces that a big house of the time would have had. Maybe not a house deep in the smoky mountains, though. Maybe they are spaces for River Run, not Fraser’s Ridge. A root cellar, a lean-to, a scullery, and a work room for a loom and spinning wheel for example.



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